Feel the intoxicating beats of the drums and experience the vibrancy of a Brazilian Carnival Parade right here in Brisbane!!!

Our goal is to unite the Brisbane Samba community and bring them together, to achieve a Brazilian inspired Carnival parade.

We aim to replicate (albeit on a smaller scale) the music, alas (sections), vibrant costumes, and incredible samba dance as components of a traditional Brazilian carnival parade.

Whilst we might not be in fabulous Rio de Janerio, we can bring a little bit here straight to Brisbane. Harness the joy, excitement and enthusiasm right here!   

A traditional Brazilian Carnival parade is made up of a number of sections called Alas, we aim to recreate as many of the key ones.

Definition of an Ala according to the World Samba Organization:

“An Ala is a group of the same costume that forms a block in the carnival parade” It builds a tapestry of visual storytelling and comes together across the parade as a visual interpretation of the enredo.

Samba-enredo (Theme song) is a sub-genre of Samba in which songs are performed by a samba school for the festivities of Carnival. The samba enredo is the verbal counterpart of the story (enredo) told through design. Our enredo has been composed and performed by local Brazilian artists and was specifically written about Brisbane. Visit our home page to listen.

A compulsory element, the Comissão de Frente is the first ala ( of the parade which in Rio welcomes the public and judges.  The group is normally made up of 10 – 15 people, although this is more likely to be between 6-10 for the UdB. This section encapsulates the enredo (theme) of the school through costume and choreography, and is often highly choreographed and theatrical. 

Register your interest by emailing samba@unidosdebrisbane.com

Definition of Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala according to the World Samba Organisation:

The Porta-Bandeira is “The ‘flag bearer’ of the samba school who carries the school flag wearing a very elaborate and ornate hooped dress. This is traditionally a woman.”

The Mestre-Sala is the ‘Ballroom Master’ who accompanies the Porta-Bandeira and also wears a very elaborate costume. This is traditionally a man.”

Together the Porta-Bandeira and Mestre-Sala present a Samba school’s and .  They dance graciously and elegantly, like a duet in a ballet and their dance has origins in the minuet.

Definition of Rainha da Bateria according to the World Samba Organization:

“A person who dances samba very well, who accompanies the percussion of the ‘bateria’ unit of Samba School. This person is usually a woman and is also chosen for their physical beauty.”

The Queen is a highlight, chosen to parade in front of the bateria with their exceptional samba no pé skills. To become the Unidos de Brisbane Rainha, applicants are invited to compete in the Australasian Samba Queen competition which is held after the parade.

Our Bateria is affiliated directly with Unidos de Brisbane and practice with our Maestre Lucas Saad Tambelli. Applications for the Bateria will be open shortly on the website!

Register your interest by emailing samba@unidosdebrisbane.com

Definition of Passista according to the World Samba Organization:

The “Passista” some say comes from the root word “Passear” or to walk or stroll and literally means “one who walks. These dancers, chosen to for their excellent skill in dancing samba no pé  to the samba beat of the bateria, whether to one instrument, or the full bateria. The ala (section) of passistas dance behind of the bacteria the entire length of the parade and require great enthusiasm, and fitness.  Registering for this ala is through application via our Unidos de Brisbane Passista Membership

Featured dancers for Unidos de Brisbane.

Our Princessa will be selected from the Brisbane Samba community to lead our Passistas.

Destaques are large scale highlights of the enredo, often the central part of a float in Rio, they serve to create focal points of the procession and bring out key elements of the enredo. In Unidos de Brisbane, highlights may be on a float but they may also be on the ground serving to create focal points between other alas. We are opening our destaque ala to interstate, and international samba dancers who would like to parade with us.

Register your interest by emailing samba@unidosdebrisbane.com

The ala Afro may resemble alas of some Brazilian Samba School parades as part of themes that reference and pay tribute to the Afro-Brazilian diaspora, history or religion. Our Afro ala will pay tribute to the Baiana alas in Brazil.

The name Baiana is taken from state of Bahia from where samba has diffused through the migration of people south, in particular women, referred to as the aunties of a community ‘tias baianas’ (Bahian aunts).

Considered one of the most important and respected sections, the Baiana ala is ideally composed of older women who have always taken part in the school. As Unidos de Brisbane matures we hope to do this ala it’s due respect, however, for 2019 we will open this ala up and rehearsals will occur in the lead up to parade.

Register your interest by emailing samba@unidosdebrisbane.com