Unidos de Brisbane News

Our vision is to come together as Brisilians, Brisbanites who are passionate about Brazilian culture, and Brazilians living in Brisbane to create a united society, Unidos de Brisbane.

Samba schools in Brazil are community centers where people unite to celebrate the music and dance of samba. Our goal is to bring together a not for profit, society of samba lovers here in Brisbane, in a community that sits united, apart from all the individual samba dance and drumming schools, and provides an opportunity for all dancers and drummers to come together to share the joy, immerse themselves in the samba culture, and learn.

We do not want to appropriate Brazilian culture, but we are passionate about learning and immersing in the joy and struggle that underpins the roots of samba. We cannot replicate a traditional samba school or carnival, but we want to create a fusions of Brazilian and Australian cultures to recreate the magic, inspired by how African, Indigenous and European cultures blended and created what is now considered Brazilian culture, we want to do that here.